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Read below on how we help you choose the right lenses AND the right frames for you. This helps you see the whole picture.

Creating a pair of glasses that suits your unique eyes and life involves a lot of options. At Clearview Family Eyecare, Dr. Salley and staff make the process of creating your perfect pair of glasses simple and fun.

Come by anytime to check out our selection of high-quality, fashionable frames and find out about the latest lens treatments and designs.


Materials – Some materials are more shatter-resistant than others. Some are better for powerful prescriptions to keep the weight and thickness low. We help you find the balance that’s best for you.

Design – We help our patients select the best lens design for their needs. Our staff wants the right lens for your lifestyle. Options include single vision, digitally optimized single vision, progressive addition (sometimes called no-line bifocals), or even anti-fatigue computer lenses for people under 40.

Lens Treatments – Anti-reflection treatments are the norm at Clearview. We know how much they improve the performance of your new lenses. Anti-reflective treatments reduce the reflections and allow more clear comfortable vision. We offer both transition lenses and permanent tinting.


Durability – At Clearview, we make your personal adjustments to each pair of frames for a custom fit. Our frames are backed by a 2-year warranty, so you can rest easy knowing your frames won’t fail you.

Comfort – A good fit for your face shape. The last thing you want is a great pair of glasses that you can’t wear because they hurt your ears or nose. Our staff is experts at helping you find the right frame for your face.

Style – Your style. Your eyes are one of the first things people see when they look at you. Your frames should complement your personal style.

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