When we think about eyeglasses, we break it down like this:


     The frames need to be:

  1. Mechanically well-built enough to stand up to being taken off and on thousands of times without breaking or even losing their alignment.  At Clearview we professionally adjust each pair of frames for a custom fit.  All of our frames are backed by our personal 2 year warranty, so you can rest easy knowing your frames won't fail you.
  2. A good fit for your face shape.  The last thing you want is a great pair of glasses that you can't wear because they hurt your ears or nose.  Our staff is expert at helping you find the right frame for your face.
  3. Your style.  Your eyes are one of the first things people see when they look at you.  Your frames should compliment your personal style.  At Clearview Family Eyecare, you'll find an excellent assortment of frames that will make you smile.


Lenses consist of the material they're made of, the design of the power in the lenses and the chemical treatments of the surfaces of the lenses.

  • Materials: Some materials are more shatter resistant than others and some materials are better for high prescriptions to keep the weight and thickness low.  Our staff will help you decide which options are best for you.
  • Design: Aside from the actual prescription that Dr Salley writes for your lenses, the design of the lens influences what power is applied to different areas of your vision. For many people, single vision lenses (the prescription is the same throughout the entire lens) is the best option.  Anti-fatigue lenses can be used to help people that spend a lot of time on electronic devices.  Progressive addition lenses, bifocals and trifocals help people over 40 that need to see far away and up close with the same pair of glasses.  There are many many different designs for progressive addition lenses.  Dr Salley and our staff will guide you through the process of selecting just the right lens design for your lifestyle.
  • Chemical treatments:  
    • Anti-reflection treatments are the norm at Clearview because of how much they improve the performance of your new lenses.  Anytime a device (computer or phone) shines light at your lenses, reflections are created on the surface of the lenses.  Anti-reflective treatments reduce the reflections and allow more clear, comfortable vision.  They also allow people to see your eyes without glare.  Again, there are a lot of options for anti-reflective treatments, we at Clearview say up to date on the latest and greatest so we can recommend the best to you.  
    • Transitions photochromic treatments turn your glasses into sunglasses automatically when you step outside.  They return to their clear state when you go back inside.  They're very popular with people that don't want to have to keep up with a separate pair of sunglasses but value the protection and comfort that sunglasses provide.
    • Permanent tinting turns any lens into sunglasses.  Sun protection is important for your eye health and keeps your eyes relaxed while you're out enjoying the outdoors or just driving your car.  

Creating a pair of glasses that suits your unique eyes and life involves a lot of options.  At Clearview Family Eyecare, Dr Salley and staff make the process of creating your perfect pair of glasses simple and fun.  Come by anytime to check out our selection of high-quality, fashionable frames and find out about the latest lens treatments and designs.