Sports Vision Safety Month

April is Sports Vision Safety Month.  So lets talk sports vision safety for a minute.  

  1. We always recommend polycarbonate lenses for our eyewear because its much more shatter resistant than the old standard ophthalmic lens material.
  2. For most sports, a frame that wraps around your face is the safest and highest-performing visually.  When you're out there being active dust, debris and balls/rackets/fishing lures can come at you from any direction.  That's why the main sporting eyewear we carry (Costa del Mar) is designed to wrap around your eyes.  In fact they were created by four fisherman.  We think they're the best.
  3. Contact lenses may be the best solution for sporting vision correction.  The only thing worse than getting hit in the face is getting hit in the face with glasses on, right?  
  4. If your sport is swimming, you should remove your contact lenses so they don't soak up certain kinds of bacteria and parasites that could cause vision threatening infections.  Read more about swimming in contact lenses here.
  5. There are some specific lens designs and prescription modifications available for certain sports.  So schedule an appointment and let us help you see your best!

Also, we're having an eyewear trunk show May 2 from 4-7 PM, so mark your calendars!  More details to come in the next few weeks, including the new eyewear frame line we'll be introducing.  We're very excited about it and know you will be too!