5 East Memphis Spots to Squeeze MORE FUN from your Evenings and Weekends

 My family enjoying the outdoor seating at Las Delicias.  We caught Elliott sneaking a bite of "chips and bip" (as he says it)

My family enjoying the outdoor seating at Las Delicias.  We caught Elliott sneaking a bite of "chips and bip" (as he says it)

I started my clinic in East Memphis because it's the place I've come to love and make my home. I get to live, eat, shop, bank, and go to church within a 5 minute drive. East Memphis has a lot to offer people from all walks of life. For newcomers and established Memphians there’s always more to discover in our city, and I want to share some of my favorite cultural attractions with you.

We reach a point in our adult lives when time for fun and relaxation becomes increasingly compressed between expanding working hours and demands. Setting aside time to enjoy our family and friends becomes more and more challenging.

However, the importance of down time rises as working hours and responsibilities increase. Studies show maintaining a healthy work/ life balance is integral to increased productivity and happier, healthier lives. Fortunately, East Memphis offers a wide variety of opportunities to maximize free time and realize more enjoyment from those precious hours set aside for relaxation and fun. Here are my top five.

5. Children's Museum of Memphis - kids can safely play until they collapse, it somehow doesn't get old. I have 2 kids, and weekend excursions must include an all out effort to exhaust my kids with play, play and more play. The Children's Museum of Memphis (CMOM for short) lives up to its 26-year-old mission to create memorable learning experiences through the joy of play in hands-on exhibits and programs. Play, education and family entertainment come together in this colorful place where kids from all over the city converge for hours of fun.

4. The Dixon Gallery & Gardens - My 2 year old, Elliott, loves it because he gets to choose which way to go when a garden path splits into 2 mysterious trails. The Dixon is a fine art museum and public garden with diverse and innovative programs in the arts and horticulture. From 10-12 on Saturdays the Dixon offers free admission to wander around the beautiful, relaxing gardens. There’s always something going on with events for all ages from film screenings on the lawn to art workshops for kids.  

3. The Booksellers at Laurelwood - one of those increasingly rare brick-and mortar bookstore-cafes in this age of online retail. The Booksellers is a place where you can still wander aisles of hardbound volumes and popular paperbacks, relax in a comfortable armchair and lose yourself in a book or magazine you casually picked from the shelves because the cover caught your eye. Bronte Bistro, tucked into one corner of the store, is a full-service restaurant with coffee drinks, desserts and entrees. Their creme brulee french toast is the best possible breakfast/brunch food anywhere. And of course, there’s the children’s section with its train set and live storytellers--a place I can entertain my kids while hunting a book that will inevitably find its way to my own bedside table.

2. Las Delicias Mexican Grill & Bar - Mexican food has to be a close second in popularity to the world famous Memphis BBQ scene. Just as Memphians cannot agree on the best BBQ joint, everyone brags about their favorite Mexican restaurant as if it’s the only one in the city. We are fortunate to have a wide variety of Mexican restaurants to choose from. In my humble opinion Las Delicias cuisine is the most authentic with its homemade dishes that must have come from family recipes handed down for generations south of the border. The food is so good, we eat it (literally) every week for the past 2 years.

1. Porcellinos Craft Butcher - top-notch coffee, libations and food that feels European and old-fashioned - in a good way. Chefs Andy Ticer and Michael Hudman created a restaurant that’s “meant to serve as a gathering place for the community, Porcellino’s brings together Ticer and Hudman’s philosophy that a great meal includes a sense of community. Porcellino’s Craft Butcher also serves as a place where parents will bring their children and create a legacy of eating well.” That’s the pinnacle of vision statements as Porcellino’s reaches the top of my list for East Memphis spots for food and entertainment.

I established my practice in East Memphis in order to help the community experience optimal eye health through personalized care. I accomplish this by giving time and attention to the unique situation of each patient that comes through my clinic. Maintaining optimal eye health is a partnership between patient and doctor that starts with a friendly atmosphere, open dialogue and application of the latest technology in optometry. I hope to deliver this standard of care to you and your family so that you can get the most enjoyment of your precious down time. Optimal eye health is an important part of a high quality of life!  

Now, I’d love to hear from you. What’s your favorite East Memphis cultural attraction? Is it one of the places in my top 5 or would you like to share someplace different for other families to explore? I look forward to read your comments and learn more about the lively community in which we live, work and play. After all, your shared experiences in our neighborhood enrich our own.