Dr Salley White Coat

Thanks for dropping by!  At Clearview Family Eyecare, Dr. Seth Salley and staff believe that everyone deserves a lifetime of clear, comfortable vision. Our goal is to provide state of the art treatment that is comfortable and personalized to your needs. If you are a mother looking for an affordable way to improve and protect your child's vision, or if you are an adult wondering if there's a better option for achieving your best vision, we have unique financing and treatment options that can fit anyone. From age 1 to 101, vision correction and medical eyecare can significantly improve the way your see the world, the way your eyes function, and the way you interact with other people. We look forward to meeting you and can't wait to make a difference in your life!

Why Choose Clearview Family Eyecare?

2-Year Warranty

If your eyewear frame needs to be repaired or replaced, we will perform this as many times as necessary for 2 years from the date of purchase. 

Buy ‘Em Back Policy

If you are not satisfied with the comfort or the clarity of your contact lenses, we’ll buy them back from you within a full 30 days from the date of purchase.

Unique Payment Plan

Our exclusive in-house payment plan makes our quality frame and lenses affordable without any interest or processing fees.